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Interlock Paving Tiles

Hi-Cons is a trusted name in Paving Interlock Blocks have vast industrial experience developed Paving blocks of superb finish, captivative, mirror rustic beauty. Which are handy to enhance your passages, car-porches and such areas. Our blocks are processed by using best quality unfinished material and leading edge technologies in accordance with the predefined quality standards. Moreover Hi-Cons paver block are durable, strong, sturdy and long lasting. Hi-Cons has masetered the art and science of Paving blocks. Our paving blocks ooze the message of class, comfort and style.

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Product Details

  • Light, Medium & Heavy duty and decorative landscape pavers.
  • Hicons pavers, the better pavers, to bring back true paving experience.
  • Hicons pavers are weather resistant skid proof heavy load bearing and durable
  • Choice of design, choice of colours. Low maintenance.
  • Compressive strength of 250 - 400 kg./ cm2
  • Interlocking blocks are laid on wet compacted on prepared ground.
  • Natural sand of 50 mm. thick is spread and screened to the required level.
  • The blocks will be laid on this sand bed and compacted by vibrating plate compacter of 6-8 ton capacity.


  • Concreate paving tiles suitable for garden way. Light, medium and heavy duty roads.
  • Paving tiles suitable for any climate, maintenance and maximum load bearing capacity.
  • Different shape, patterns and colours are available for demarkation and disguing.
  • Water will not accumulate on rainy season on paving tiles laid area.
  • Skidding resistance of paving tiles are very high compared to other materials.
  • Laid area can be used immediately as soon as it is prepared.
  • Hicons paving tiles are heavy loads bearing and durable.
  • The shee simplicity of laying, unlaying is a mark of technical achievement.
  • Tiles are available in red, Black and grey colours.