The Paving Block Factory

Hi-cons Paving stones, are guaranteed is a superior maintenance-free alternative to traditional pavement — more cost-effective, more durable, more aesthetically pleasing and ultimately more economical than poured concrete, asphalt or brick. All brands of concrete pavers are comprised of a mix of sand, aggregate, cement, pigment, and a limited amount of water. Hi-cons has advanced this age-old technology to a new level of perfection.

Here’s how:

Hi-cons Paving stones is color saturated, extra dense concrete made with super-fine sand granules and devoid of any large aggregate (stones). As a result of this manufacturing marvel:

  • The color remains rich looking and the surface stays smooth, yet skid-resistant, forever.
  • The surface is more abrasive-resistant than other brands of pavers.

Advantages of Pavers

  • Durable: Manufacturing involves high pressure with electro hydraulic compaction resulting in high compressive strength and durability.
  • Economical: Considering low maintaince and long life, ultimately it proves much more economical.
  • Skid Resistant: The chamfered edges form grooves, which serve as skid and resistant.
  • Easy Maintenance: Very easy to replace the damaged pavers without affecting the neighbouring ones.
  • Low Installation: Fully cured in the factory and as such installation is very quick and trouble free.
  • Aesthetic Beauty: Can be manufactured in the desired shape, colour and size to meet the site requirement.
  • Reusable: Can be easily removed and reused with nominal wastage.
  • Easy repair for underground services: Electrical cables, water lines, sewers lines etc. underground can be easily repaired by removing a few pavers instead of dismantling the whole pavement.
  • Cooler: They are cooler than asphalt or poured concrete in summer.